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Reflections (Maybe I’m Not Mad Enough Yet)

Starting this blog, I didn’t know what to title it. I threw around some titles in my head such as “Progress so Far” ehhh that’s not what this is about. Then I thought about “Not Mad Enough” as an extension to my “Get Mad Get Fit” post, but that’s not unique enough nor does it have much to do with what’s on my heart right now. Ok to the point. I made a post on Facebook about my 15 pound weight loss thus far and I’ve been contemplating deleting it since I posted it and the reason why is because a strong part of me is not happy about losing 15 pounds. I’ve been on this journey for almost 4 months and I planned on losing 15 pounds a month but not 15 pounds in 5 months. A smaller part of me is happy because I’m not where I started, but this isn’t enough for me. It is past time to really take a look at myself on the inside (my heart and my mind especially) and go back to the drawing board and move forward successfully. Learning how to deal with my emotions and lack of self control is the task ahead because as I’ve recently learned is that out outside is a reflection of our insides and as I look into the mirror I realize that I don’t like what my inside has to say about me. 

-Lindsey R.