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Moving Mountains

It has been four months into my journey and it has been a roller coaster ride. I’ve been on emotional ups and downs from missing my husband,  disappointments with my progress, and I’ve had my share of moments with plain ole lack of discipline. I have lost a total of 15lbs so far and I have been flirting with the last 2lbs over the past few weeks. I lost 8lbs the first month and 5lbs the next month and the last two months I’ve lost a pound or two. It is so true when they say that you cannot outrun a bad diet. I have yet to stop exercising but because I struggle with compulsive overeating and emotional eating my progress had been slower than I desire. Some progress is definitely better than none so I can say I’m grateful for the progress that I have made. Right now I feel like I am the queen of maintaining weight because I haven’t gained the weight I’ve lost back but I need to be the queen of releasing weight right about now and become the queen of maintaining once I reach my goals. Despite the set backs I can say that I am darn proud of myself for not quitting.

After much consideration, I have decided to try laser-like liposuction. Vevazz laser-like lipo is a noninvasive way to get rid of stubborn body fat and contour your body. It uses a cold laser light to make fat cells open up and release their contents, which causes the fat cells to shrink. You lay with the lasers on the desired area for 13 minutes and afterwards get on a whole body vibration machine for 10 minutes. I have had 6 sessions so far on my abdomin and 3 on my arms. I have lost an inch from my arms and a few inches from my abdomin. I will give exact measurements once I complete my treatment. I am also going to have my thighs done as well. As well as shrinking fat cells, Vevazz also helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks. I’m not looking to get my dream body from these treatments as I have a large amount of weight to lose, but I am pushing to move along my results. I am exercising and continuously working towards complete clean eating as well to maximize my results and make health a permanent lifestyle. Look for updates soon!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Reflections (Maybe I’m Not Mad Enough Yet)

Starting this blog, I didn’t know what to title it. I threw around some titles in my head such as “Progress so Far” ehhh that’s not what this is about. Then I thought about “Not Mad Enough” as an extension to my “Get Mad Get Fit” post, but that’s not unique enough nor does it have much to do with what’s on my heart right now. Ok to the point. I made a post on Facebook about my 15 pound weight loss thus far and I’ve been contemplating deleting it since I posted it and the reason why is because a strong part of me is not happy about losing 15 pounds. I’ve been on this journey for almost 4 months and I planned on losing 15 pounds a month but not 15 pounds in 5 months. A smaller part of me is happy because I’m not where I started, but this isn’t enough for me. It is past time to really take a look at myself on the inside (my heart and my mind especially) and go back to the drawing board and move forward successfully. Learning how to deal with my emotions and lack of self control is the task ahead because as I’ve recently learned is that out outside is a reflection of our insides and as I look into the mirror I realize that I don’t like what my inside has to say about me. 

-Lindsey R. 

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Fat People Are Lazy

Ive always heard people say that people who are overweight are lazy individuals who lack self-control and willpower. I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak for myself. I have had my share of lazy moments but when I want to shed pounds I normally do what it takes to get it done only to gain it back plus some as time goes along. After speaking with someone about my life and events in my life, I have finally found the root of my issues and have received direction on where to go from here. I, like many others, am working on overcoming compulsive overeating. What exactly is compulsive overeating? Compulsive overeating is a professional binge eater. A compulsive overwater will eat large amounts of food in a short amount of time and experience guilt or shame afterwards. For years I have had an affair with food and tried to hide the evidence of wrappers and bags of eaten food but my weight gain was something that isn’t so easy. I mean Spanx can only take you so far. Now I am discovering what causes me to emotional eat, which are called triggers, and find an alternative way to deal with my feelings besides eating. Losing weight for me goes beyond self-control or will power. It’s about finding what foods work best for me and my baby girl (because I am still breastfeeding) and facing myself internally and finding the root and moving on from whatever I’m holding onto from my past. If I don’t pull up these weeds from the root then they will just continue to grow back and my weight will continue to come back and I’m ready to tackle this thing once and for all. I am strong and I am in the process of becoming a better me.