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VSG Surgery Day

I just wanted to update my blog and let my followers know that I do have a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery date and it is October 2, 2017. This week, I take classes that prepare me for my pre-op diet, which I start next week. This diet is two weeks long and will consist of 2 protein shakes a day and a low calorie dinner of a protein and vegetable. Next week, I will complete the final testing and lab work needed for surgery and I’ll be good to go until surgery day. I am nervous but more than anything, I’m excited. I am excited about taking this leap of faith and I believe that everything is going to work out for me.


Check out my my YouTube video announcement here:

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If You Live By Thier Praises You’ll Die By Their Criticisms

So much has happened to help me realize that people’s opinions of you are none of your business and in reality irrelevant. I mean the same people who called Jesus “Hosana Hosana” were the exact same ones yelling “CRUCIFY HIM”! Think about it. 

The most valuable lesson I have learned during this season of my life is that I am not what I have gone through. Yes I’ve dealt with depression (and I really believe my choice of birth control had A LOT to do with that or at least amplified it) and I had a suicidal ideation but that is not who I am and will not accept that label. That is just an experience I had in life. The same with anything any of us go through. Don’t let anyone label you and definitely do not label yourself because what you believe is what you become or who you are (Proverbs 27:3). 

I have had 2 instances of “church hurt” in my life and the last one was pretty recent and it has turned me and my spouse away from church. We still go but we aren’t as active as we once were and to be honest, I don’t like the term “church” hurt because the “church”, God’s bride, did not hurt us, it was the leaders and people inside of the church. It was being used up to the last drop but not being appreciated, but again from that season it was a lesson of don’t live by people’s praises because you’ll die from their criticisms. People will disappoint you because they are just people. Imperfect beings living in an imperfect world and most likely they have their own interest at heart and in the forefront of their minds and that’s ok because so do I, and as soon as we learn to not take offense to everything so easily as instructed in the word of God and to quickly forgive, let go, and move forward the better off we will be. 

So in this season of life, I’m carrying all of the learned lesson with an open mind, open heart, and despite of what it looks like, what it seems like, opinions, etc I am going to push on and walk on my truth, my calling, and love without failure because love never fails. 

Thought: I make it a point to give at least one stranger a compliment once a day because you never know how it may lift someone’s spirit and make their day 🙂.


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The Serenity Prayer is a prayer that asks for God to grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. At some point in my life, I decided to accept the thoughts in my head because they could not and would not change. The thoughts of worthlessness, low self-esteem, not being good enough, damaged goods, and I could go on. No matter how much I said my “I AM’s” or was told how adored I was by my husband and children, those thoughts could not go away. Then there were times I would be really really sad and uninterested in my normal activities and routine. I would just sit in my house in the dark with my pajamas on all day and snack. Sometimes, I just wanted to stay in bed all day and just eat, and then there were times when I don’t want to eat at all. There were also times when I just wanted to sit and stare in space or times when I didn’t want to be bothered with anyone at all. That includes my immediate family.

I can remember feeling this way since my senior year in high school but I always snapped out of it after a few weeks and didn’t think much of it until a couple of months ago. A couple of months ago, I separated myself from my family by barricading myself in a room, and attempted to hurt myself with glass from a broken mirror. I call it a suicidal gesture instead of attempt because after I broke the mirror and had the glass in my hand, I thought about my children and how they needed their mother and that thought alone made me hesitate. During my hesitation, my husband broke into the room I was barricaded in, took the glass out of my hand, and took me to get help. Initially I was upset, but now I am so glad that he saved my life. He saved my life by getting me help.

Talk therapy (counseling) and medicine that helps with hormonal imbalance (as needed) has been great for me. Just talking about it alone has been very helpful. Just knowing that I am not crazy and that there was something wrong gave me hope. I have been diagnosed with depression as well as anxiety. I’ve known I’ve had anxiety for years but actual chronic depression was news to me. Depression is often described as being really sad but that’s not the case. Yes you are sad but you’re empty, not interested in normal activities, low energy, hopeless, feeling broken, and more. Most people, especially in the African-American community, think that mental disorders don’t exist and you need to just pray and have more faith, but I have prayed constantly and my faith is there along with these good doctors and professionals that God has put here on his green Earth. There is no shame in getting help, there is no shame in expressing that you need help, and there is no shame in sharing your story like I am choosing to do today. I pray that my story can help someone who is going through something similar. God has granted me serenity and courage to change, beat this thing, and put it behind me once and for all. Look for my husband to share his experience with supporting a spouse dealing with depression in his corner soon because depression can take a toll on a marriage if it is not understood. The disease is the enemy and not the spouse. Until next time God bless.


What’s to come: More MAKEUP reviews!

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Smile! She is Watching

My two year old knows that my makeup is off limits but she always finds herself playing it when she thinks no one is watching. One day, without her knowing, I watched as she climbed up onto my vanity chair and began to apply the excess makeup left on my brushes. She knew exactly what brush went where and what to do with it. She even knew almost exactly where to put the eyelashes on her face. Right there in that moment, I realized that my baby is watching me and she will mimic every single thing that I do; therefore, it is important for me to be an example for her in every aspect of my life because the woman I am will guide the woman she becomes. 

I will smile more, laugh more, sing more, praise more, read more, dance more, make healthier choices, and so much more because the woman I envision her to be is who I have to become. Smile mom, because she is watching. “Do as I say and not as I do” is a quote that is so untrue because they will do exactly as you do. Be an example. Be a leader because our children are our future. The change we want to see begins in us. Be great because they are watching.


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Transitioning: The Elevation Period

In the mist of a chaotic storm, God came to me and comforted me by letting me know that I was not going crazy or losing my mind, but he was transitioning me and getting me ready for my next level. He let me know that he was elevating me and where he was taking me was not suitable for everyone in my circle so he had to shift some things to make sure I was ready. Change is not always easy. Sometimes it’s not even welcomed, but the Bible says in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7), and in getting understanding, I understand that for everything in life there is a season and when a season is up there is nothing you can do about it but take the lessons from it, cherish the memories, and move on. I am ready for my next level or should I say new chapter. I am ready to keep living and sharing my experiences (good and bad) with others because I believe that everything I go through in life is not for myself but it’s to help someone else. So if me sharing my story can help someone and bring them to God or closer to God then who I am to be selfish? If my story can help someone make it through their own trials and tests then I won’t hold back because my life is not my own. We all have a purpose and a destiny and it’s time I start living mine and stop being afraid. It’s time to release the past…past disappointments, past rejections, past hurt, past pain… There is nothing I can do about my past but I do have control over my today and so do you. God is calling me higher. He is promoting me. What happens when you get a promotion on the job? You have more responsibility! He is requiring more of me and I am an available vessel….willing and ready to do whatever my father requires of me. I’m going higher. Elevation


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If You Don’t Quit, You’ll Win

I have been on my fitness journey for a little over 5 months now and I am so very proud of myself. I cannot even remember a time when I’ve stayed on a fitness program or weight loss attempt for an entire month, and here I am 5 months in and counting. I have lost 20 pounds as well as several inches and even better, I’m stronger, I’m faster, and most importantly I’m NOT a quitter! I’ve even gained muscle! I can jog a mile and a half without stopping (and counting), which is great because I’ve never been more than a walker. I’m growing mentally and shrinking physically! I’m making better choices for myself and my family and I’m happier all around. I’m confronting the reasons why I’ve been overeating and binge eating all of these years and learning other ways to cope with stress and emotions. I am leaning on God to give me strength especially in those times when I feel like I can’t or don’t want to continue with this process. I can finally look into the mirror without turning away in disgust or just imagining that I look the same way I looked before the babies came or even high school and I can actually see my body changing. My waist is shrinking and my curves are reappearing. I am changing from the inside out and that my friends is the way to permanently make a lifestyle change. Lifestyle is so important to me because once I release the desired amount of weight, I will NOT be gaining it back. I am learning to deal with my emotions and stress in ways that do not include food and I am ready to add supplements to my routine to enhance my results. As always I will keep you guys updated! 


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2015 Reflections

Wow I can’t believe 2015 is concluding already! This has really been an amazing year! I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, graduated with my BA in Education, survived the first half of a deployment, and began my fitness and health journey on August 24th. I am definitely looking forward to what 2016 has in store for me as well as my family. 

As of yesterday, I am down 17 pounds! I could be salty about not releasing more but I choose not to be. I am happy that I’m not where I started and I’m looking forward to what this journey has to offer me in 2016! Some of my goals include being able to run or jog long distances without stopping, releasing at least 70 more pounds, become more organized, less procrastination, be a better wife and mother, blog more, travel more, worry less, and just enjoy life. Happy New Year! 🙂


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Reflections (Maybe I’m Not Mad Enough Yet)

Starting this blog, I didn’t know what to title it. I threw around some titles in my head such as “Progress so Far” ehhh that’s not what this is about. Then I thought about “Not Mad Enough” as an extension to my “Get Mad Get Fit” post, but that’s not unique enough nor does it have much to do with what’s on my heart right now. Ok to the point. I made a post on Facebook about my 15 pound weight loss thus far and I’ve been contemplating deleting it since I posted it and the reason why is because a strong part of me is not happy about losing 15 pounds. I’ve been on this journey for almost 4 months and I planned on losing 15 pounds a month but not 15 pounds in 5 months. A smaller part of me is happy because I’m not where I started, but this isn’t enough for me. It is past time to really take a look at myself on the inside (my heart and my mind especially) and go back to the drawing board and move forward successfully. Learning how to deal with my emotions and lack of self control is the task ahead because as I’ve recently learned is that out outside is a reflection of our insides and as I look into the mirror I realize that I don’t like what my inside has to say about me. 

-Lindsey R. 

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Fat People Are Lazy

Ive always heard people say that people who are overweight are lazy individuals who lack self-control and willpower. I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak for myself. I have had my share of lazy moments but when I want to shed pounds I normally do what it takes to get it done only to gain it back plus some as time goes along. After speaking with someone about my life and events in my life, I have finally found the root of my issues and have received direction on where to go from here. I, like many others, am working on overcoming compulsive overeating. What exactly is compulsive overeating? Compulsive overeating is a professional binge eater. A compulsive overwater will eat large amounts of food in a short amount of time and experience guilt or shame afterwards. For years I have had an affair with food and tried to hide the evidence of wrappers and bags of eaten food but my weight gain was something that isn’t so easy. I mean Spanx can only take you so far. Now I am discovering what causes me to emotional eat, which are called triggers, and find an alternative way to deal with my feelings besides eating. Losing weight for me goes beyond self-control or will power. It’s about finding what foods work best for me and my baby girl (because I am still breastfeeding) and facing myself internally and finding the root and moving on from whatever I’m holding onto from my past. If I don’t pull up these weeds from the root then they will just continue to grow back and my weight will continue to come back and I’m ready to tackle this thing once and for all. I am strong and I am in the process of becoming a better me. 


Who Encourages the Encourager?

Have you ever found yourself encouraging everyone around you and realized that you had no one to encourage you in those moments when you need encouragement? I mean a really really low moments when even mustard seed faith wasn’t available. Who encourages the encourager? Who gives a listening ear and can really understand when the one who is always standing on the word is at the point of breaking down and becoming a prisoner of their own mind? Who encourages the preacher with cancer who is always praying for your or a family member’s illness? Who encourages your friend who you dump all of your baggage on on an almost daily basis? Who encourages the one who encourages you?

I know what you are thinking. If that person is the one always encouraging shouldn’t they have enough faith, word, courage to carry themselves through? Maybe, but lets face it, we are all flesh and the flesh is weak. The enemy plots the perfect opportunity to come in and do what he was created to do, which is to steal, kill, and destroy, and when that happens, who is there to deliver a word of freedom? Who is there to plant a seed of love? Who is there to encourage?

Who is there to encourage when you know that you have peace that passes all understanding, but peace is nowhere to be found because all hell is breaking loose? It may even just be a brief moment of distraction? It only takes a second for a distraction to cause a tragic or horrific event like someone being distracted to check a text message or even look down to see who is calling while they are driving. Who is there to aid you and get you to the one who holds all things in his hands?

I’m asking this because often times, we may find ourselves always encouraging others but there is no one there encouraging us. Examine the people around you. Are they leeches who are sucking the life right out of you? What are they pouring into your life? Are they speaking life to you or are you just their dumping ground that they dump on when something is wrong. Don’t be a trash dump. Whatever you are hearing and seeing becomes a part of you. For example, if you watch a certain show on television, eventually you will adopt some of their mannerisms or “sayings” because what you put in eventually comes out. It’s just how the mind works. Who encourages you? If you don’t have a mentor get one. Even my mentor has a mentor. We must never stop learning and evolving because when we do we stop growing. Who are your idols? Who do you look up to? Who pushes you to be a better you? Who is helping you get to the next level? Who sharpens your iron? Who encourages the encourager?

-Lindsey R.