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Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

I love my ABH Modern Renaissance Palette so much that I was highly anticipating the release of the Subculture Palette. Here is my honest review. I like it but I don’t love it as much as I love Modern Ren. In my opinion, it is not as pigmented as the Modern Renaissance but it is as powdery (a lot of fall out) so go light with your brush. A lot of beauty gurus such as Makeup Shayla has given this palette a thumbs down so when I saw the reviews, I was a bit nervous but I won’t say it’s money wasted. I’m looking forward to see what looks I can create. If I had to give it a grade it would be a B-. 


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The Zulu Palette by Juvia’s Place

I recently purchased the Limited Edition Zulu Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia’s Place as well as the Magic Palette but I’ve only gotten around to trying the Zulu Palette so far. Between working on my Master’s Degree, being wife and mommy, and preparing for weight loss surgery, I don’t have much time for makeup these days, but I did pull out the Zulu palette for my birthday a couple of days ago and I absolutely LOVE it. The colors are highly pigmented and there wasn’t much fall out at all. My only complaint is that the dark pink color stained my eyelids. It took quite a bit of coconut oil to get it completely off, but other than that, it’s a great palette and I consider it a must have!


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True Food Kitchen

This past weekend, my family and I stayed in Fairfax, VA. My husband had an event to attend and we couldn’t find a sitter so the kids and I decided to come along for the ride and relax in the hotel room while daddy was at his event and make a mini family vacay out of the weekend. My husband took me to True Food Kitchen the next morning for brunch. He had visited True Food with his friends a few weekends prior and af first I was skeptical because when I walked in, all I smelled was the aroma of fresh green juice, and being a plus size country girl from the south, all I wanted was some bacon and biscuits. 

True Food focuses on all natural whole food ingredients and everything is made from scratch. My kids enjoyed their pizza and fresh pressed juices and my husband and I enjoyed our dishes as well. I had 2 organic eggs with sweet potato hash and chicken sausage. It was so good that I was craving it this morning when I woke up. I also enjoyed my pomegranate mimosa and coffee. I definitely look forward to visiting this restaurant again and replicating some of their dishes at home. If you are near True Foods Kitchen, you should be open and give it a try. They won’t disappoint. 


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Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Dear Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, where have you been all my life? I have tried foundation after foundation after foundation and I have finally found my perfect match! Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation is my perfect fit! This formula is light weight and has guaranteed full coverage. There isn’t even a need to color correct. That’s just how full the coverage is. It also comes in a variety of shades. Most foundations, I have to buy two and mix them together to get my perfect shade but Kat Von D had just the shade I needed. My grade on this foundation is A+. This foundation can be found for $35 from the Kat Von D website or Sephora. Here I am below wearing only Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation (Shade 74 Deep), lipstick, brow wiz, and mascara!

P.S. Excuse the stroller in the back! I am a full-time wife and mom, part-time blogger, and full-time MUE!


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YOUnique Glam Accessories

I have a $5 accessory habit and I’m not ashamed of it! I LOVE Paparazzi Accessories because they are super stylish and where else can you get quality jewelry for only $5? Necklaces come with a matching pair of earrings and they even have accessories for men and children! All Paparazzi products are lead and nickel free as well, so that is a plus. Paparazzi accessories are only available through your Paparazzi Consultant. You don’t have one? That’s okay. I guess I can be generous and share mine. The stylish beauty in the featured photo above, Shannon, is a Paparazzi Consultant and you can purchase from her directly from her personal store, YOUniqueGlam listed here: or you can purchase directly from her website listed here: 


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Too Faced Natural Love Palette

I have literally waited for this palette for over two weeks but now that I have it, it was definitely worth the wait. This palette is so beautiful and goes on like silk. It’s full of natural colors and is great for everyday and bridal looks. If you have been contemplating purchasing it, contemplate no more and add it to your collection! You won’t be sorry! Checkout the look I created with it below! 


P.S. I used the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter with this look as well. 

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Morphe 35OS Palette Review

  1. My very first makeup review will be on one of my favorite Morphe eyeshadow palettes. I own four and my favorite is the 35B followed by this beautiful must-have palette, the 35OS. I had to have this palette because I love shimmer and this shimmery palette is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are pigmented and go on even better when you dampen your brush. I purchased this palette on sale from hautelook for a steal. I’m all about deals! Fall is over but this palette is good for a natural shimmery anytime look as well. Check out my shimmery church eye look from this morning below.


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Bae Waters

There are so many benefits of drinking water such as aiding weight loss, boosting metabolism, keeping skin healthy, more energy, staying regular, and so much more. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily is very effective while losing weight, but I know what some of you may be thinking, water is so boring.

The creators of Bae Waters have found a fun and entertaining way to drink your water. Bae by urban definition means baby, sweetie, boo, etc. Your water is your bae so you have to keep it close to you and spend quality time with your bae. Bae Waters is currently doing a 30 Day water challenge, which started on October 19th and ends on November 19th. You must drink a gallon of water a day, post your progress, your meals, your workouts, eat clean, and you’re allowed one cheat meal per week. For more information about the challenge and Bae Waters visit Bae Waters facebook page by clicking the link or visit them on Instagram @baewaters.

I am participating in the challenge myself and things have gotten off to a great start! I will blog about my progress and post pictures once the challenge is complete!

-Lindsey R.


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Fitbit Charge


A few week ago I purchased my Fitbit Charge. If you are not familiar with fitbit, it is a device that you wear on your arm to track your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, and distance traveled throughout the day. I absolutely LOVE my fitbit because it keeps me on track with how active I am throughout the day and I have fun competing in challenges with friends and friends of friends. I am very competitive so the challenges keep me on top of my game. Speaking of fitness, I have been working out with my trainer for the past two weeks for two days a week and working out on my own on days I am now with her. I either take a class such as Zumba or I spend they day on cardio machines. My trainer is working with me on toning and strength training. Some days are tough but I push through and become stronger and faster day by day. I have lost a total of four pounds so far and I don’t plan on getting back on the scale until the end of the month. So, if you have a fitbit, add me via email at and lets reach our fitness goals together. 🙂

-Lindsey R.