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Too Faced Natural Love Palette

I have literally waited for this palette for over two weeks but now that I have it, it was definitely worth the wait. This palette is so beautiful and goes on like silk. It’s full of natural colors and is great for everyday and bridal looks. If you have been contemplating purchasing it, contemplate no more and add it to your collection! You won’t be sorry! Checkout the look I created with it below! 


P.S. I used the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter with this look as well. 

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Smile! She is Watching

My two year old knows that my makeup is off limits but she always finds herself playing it when she thinks no one is watching. One day, without her knowing, I watched as she climbed up onto my vanity chair and began to apply the excess makeup left on my brushes. She knew exactly what brush went where and what to do with it. She even knew almost exactly where to put the eyelashes on her face. Right there in that moment, I realized that my baby is watching me and she will mimic every single thing that I do; therefore, it is important for me to be an example for her in every aspect of my life because the woman I am will guide the woman she becomes. 

I will smile more, laugh more, sing more, praise more, read more, dance more, make healthier choices, and so much more because the woman I envision her to be is who I have to become. Smile mom, because she is watching. “Do as I say and not as I do” is a quote that is so untrue because they will do exactly as you do. Be an example. Be a leader because our children are our future. The change we want to see begins in us. Be great because they are watching.


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Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Before I share my thoughts on this highlighter, I would unfortunately like to say that I will not be purchasing anything directly from Too Faced ever again. I ordered the eyeshadow palette as well as new matte lipsticks from this collection on the day it came out and have yet to receive it two weeks later. It just shipped yesterday. I could have waited and ordered it from Ulta or Sephora and gotten it much faster, which is what I will be doing from now on; however, they did send me my highlighter, which was ordered a day after I ordered my other items because the rose gold was out of stock at that moment. Anywho I have received my rose gold love light prismatic highlighter and I like it. I have not worn it on my face but the swatch I made on my hand was pretty and it was silky and smooth. I look forward to wearing it! What I love the most about this highlight is the beautiful packaging! It is not my favorite but it won’t just be sitting in my stash collecting dust if you know what I mean.


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Transitioning: The Elevation Period

In the mist of a chaotic storm, God came to me and comforted me by letting me know that I was not going crazy or losing my mind, but he was transitioning me and getting me ready for my next level. He let me know that he was elevating me and where he was taking me was not suitable for everyone in my circle so he had to shift some things to make sure I was ready. Change is not always easy. Sometimes it’s not even welcomed, but the Bible says in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7), and in getting understanding, I understand that for everything in life there is a season and when a season is up there is nothing you can do about it but take the lessons from it, cherish the memories, and move on. I am ready for my next level or should I say new chapter. I am ready to keep living and sharing my experiences (good and bad) with others because I believe that everything I go through in life is not for myself but it’s to help someone else. So if me sharing my story can help someone and bring them to God or closer to God then who I am to be selfish? If my story can help someone make it through their own trials and tests then I won’t hold back because my life is not my own. We all have a purpose and a destiny and it’s time I start living mine and stop being afraid. It’s time to release the past…past disappointments, past rejections, past hurt, past pain… There is nothing I can do about my past but I do have control over my today and so do you. God is calling me higher. He is promoting me. What happens when you get a promotion on the job? You have more responsibility! He is requiring more of me and I am an available vessel….willing and ready to do whatever my father requires of me. I’m going higher. Elevation


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Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade

I love ABH products especially their dipbrow Pomade, brow wiz, lip glosses, and modern renessiance eyeshadow palette, which I will be reviewing in the near future. I love this Pomade in the shade of ebony, which is a really deep dark brown. I like the dark brown shade as well.  If I had to give ABH’s dipbrow Pomade a grade, I would give it a B+ because it gets the job done of lining and filling in your brows, but you need to use a brow gel on top of it to lay your brows down and keep them in place unlike the Makeup Forever Aqua Brow. See how this Pomade worked for me below! 


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Morphe 35OS Palette Review

  1. My very first makeup review will be on one of my favorite Morphe eyeshadow palettes. I own four and my favorite is the 35B followed by this beautiful must-have palette, the 35OS. I had to have this palette because I love shimmer and this shimmery palette is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are pigmented and go on even better when you dampen your brush. I purchased this palette on sale from hautelook for a steal. I’m all about deals! Fall is over but this palette is good for a natural shimmery anytime look as well. Check out my shimmery church eye look from this morning below.


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Back Together Again

Since I can remember, I have loved makeup. My friend Brittany gave me my first tube of pink lipstick in preschool but my mom was not having it. When she finally allowed me to wear a little makeup (eyeshadow and lip gloss) in the sixth grade, I wore it on a daily basis. My shades of choice were silver and black. Don’t judge me because I didn’t know any better. When I got to college, I dabbled in MAC for awhile because I had a good discount at my job and shortly after I married my husband and moved to Fayetteville, NC, I became a proud pink Cadillac chasing Mary Kay consultant. I was so excited and eager to learn. I did very well my first year in Mary Kay and had even formed a small team of my own, but when I became a mom a few months later, my focus changed and I did not have much room for makeup in my life. I just threw some on my face when I went to church or had a date night, but a few months ago that all changed.

I joined a Facebook group that catered to makeup for women of color and I fell in love all over again. I left Mary Kay because I realized that there are so many other brands out there with more quality products and varieties of color; however, there are some Mary Kay products that I still use and will continue to use because I have not found anything better. I watched ladies do their makeup on live video and quickly realized that I was trained very wrong by the Cadillac ladies….either that or things have changed a lot between then and now. I watch YouTube videos as well but I prefer the live videos because it’s done in real-time and you can ask questions and get clarity. I have even done a few live videos myself. I am not a Makeup Artist (MUA) nor to I inspire to be but I am a Makeup Enthusiast (MUE) and I just want to be great at applying my own makeup and helping others learn how to apply their own as well. I am learning and getting better with each swipe of my brush and I am looking forward to seeing much more improvement over the following months.

WHATS TO COME?…My favorite eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and lippies!


Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?

While sipping my coffee and scrolling through my timeline this morning, I realized that the hundreds of people I socialize with on almost a daily basis are not really my friends. If I deleted or deactivated my page right now, I honestly wouldn’t hear from them anymore. I guess that’s just how social media goes. We give likes for new babies, new relationships, vacation photos, family photos, wedding photos, meddlesome toddlers, military homecomings, and so much more, but if we come from behind the keyboard we will realize who really likes 👍🏾 (or loves ❤️)” us in real life. Not your social media life but your real raw authentic life. I was lost in my phone so much so that I was missing out on the life right in front of me….my husband and my kids. Of course I cared for them, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gave them baths, and attention that I thought was enough, but they deserved so much more of me that I wasn’t giving them because I was buried in makeup tutorials or chatting it up with a “friend”.

What made me realize that social media friendships were just an illusion was when I deactivated my page to focus on the life in front of me for awhile. I only heard from two or three people if not one or two. It’s crazy how much social media is a part of our lives because I needed to ask someone a question about an event and I couldn’t because I didn’t have their number. I have come to rely on social media so much that I don’t bother to add people to my contact list on my iPhone because I can just messege them on messenger. I just moved to a new place and  I was wondering how I was going to meet people and make new friends without Facebook (Flashes back to how I mad friends in the 90’s….it’s a distant blur). I have become so dependent upon my social media “friends” that I am socially retarded (not really but it feels like it). When I am around people I’m on my phone. Normally when I move somewhere new, I find the army wife group for that location and go to meet ups and meet people from there but I can’t do that without a Facebook and truth of the matter is that is just the way things are now. A Facebook review of a restaurant or business is worth more than millions of dollars in advertisements. That’s just the more efficient way people communicate. Now I just have to find balance and not let it affect the life in front of me. 

I read a blog once by a mom and wife who talked about how everyone liked her family photo but they did not realize that it was just a photo and not an illusion of a perfect life. Behind the smiles in the photo, one could not see the argument on the way to the restaurant or the chaos it took to get the kids ready and in the car. I could relate to that so much because life isn’t as perfect as people try to make it seem nor do you want to hang your dirty laundry for everyone to see so I completely get where she was coming from. I reactivated my Facebook today but I’m definitely backing away from it so much…..because I am going to spend my time working on my reality of relationships, friendships, and dreams and not focus on the illusions placed before me on my iPhone…….

With that being said, there will be more blogs to come to include: my continued weight release journey, product reviews, business ventures, mom life, spiritual nourishment, and much more. 🙂


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Welcome Home Soldier!

I have been MIA for awhile because…MY SOLDIER IS HOME!!! He was deployed for 9 months to Iraq and we have been reintegrating and connecting for the past 2 weeks and I’m loving every minute of having him home! As some of you know, I originally started this blog to track my weight release journey during this deployment. Well, deployment is over and stats are in. I released a total of 24 pounds and 37 inches. My inches were significant and I’m happy about the pounds as well. Just because my husband is home doesn’t mean my journey is over. It is definitely continuing with him by my side. We are going on vacation in a months time so my next goal is 15 more pounds released by vacation. 

I have discovered that my limit with a green juice or smoothie cleanse is 3 days. After day 3 I’m like “GIVE ME FOOD 😩”, so I am learning ways to continue my cleanse without breaking the fast and going crazy after 3 days. I am loving cinnamon sprinkled apples with melted peanut butter as a snack and I’m excited about trying cauliflower pizza! Help your girl out and comment your favorite healthy snacks and foods below! 


Coming Up: 

Readjusting After Deployment

Toddler Blues

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Last Minute Victory

Hi everyone! So as you know I started this blog to track my weight loss journey while my husband is deployed. Well it’s almost time for him to come home and I’m on the final countdown to get off as much weight as I can for his homecoming. I have been flirting with the same weight since November (a 15-20lb weight loss) but I know my body fat composition has changed tremendously because I’ve lost several as in over 40 inches. I have a waistline again and curves (without the body shaped or spanx 🙌🏾). I attempted the smoothie cleanse again but I fell off again so this time my nutritionist recommended juicing so I’m on a modified juice fast with snacks in between to fuel my workouts. This starts day 3 for me and I’m on this fast for 10 or more days. I’m going to complete it on the simple motivation that I’m just about out of time. For some reason I’m a procrastinator who works better under pressure. I’ve read lots of blogs about juicing fasts and majority of the people gained their weight back. I pray I don’t because I’m finally over this plateau and would really love to heb under 200lbs before our upcoming Jamaica trip. I’ve juiced before but not as a fast. Just as a way to add raw nutrition to my diet but Joe Cross has had me interested in a Reboot for quite some time now. In case anyone is wondering, the juices do fill me up and I’m drinking 3 juices a day with nuts, boiled eggs, fruit, and a few veggie chips for snacks; however, I don’t snack very often. I will have to have a banana and a boiled egg or two tonight because I have H.I.I.T class and I don’t want to pass out. That would be horrific. 

Results So Far…

Day 1: -4lbs

Day 2: -1.8lbs

Total: -5.8lbs

I am shooting for a 10-15 pound weight release by the morning of day 10. As always I will let you know how it goes….and this time for real for real because I have no choice but to complete it.


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