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If You Live By Thier Praises You’ll Die By Their Criticisms

So much has happened to help me realize that people’s opinions of you are none of your business and in reality irrelevant. I mean the same people who called Jesus “Hosana Hosana” were the exact same ones yelling “CRUCIFY HIM”! Think about it. 

The most valuable lesson I have learned during this season of my life is that I am not what I have gone through. Yes I’ve dealt with depression (and I really believe my choice of birth control had A LOT to do with that or at least amplified it) and I had a suicidal ideation but that is not who I am and will not accept that label. That is just an experience I had in life. The same with anything any of us go through. Don’t let anyone label you and definitely do not label yourself because what you believe is what you become or who you are (Proverbs 27:3). 

I have had 2 instances of “church hurt” in my life and the last one was pretty recent and it has turned me and my spouse away from church. We still go but we aren’t as active as we once were and to be honest, I don’t like the term “church” hurt because the “church”, God’s bride, did not hurt us, it was the leaders and people inside of the church. It was being used up to the last drop but not being appreciated, but again from that season it was a lesson of don’t live by people’s praises because you’ll die from their criticisms. People will disappoint you because they are just people. Imperfect beings living in an imperfect world and most likely they have their own interest at heart and in the forefront of their minds and that’s ok because so do I, and as soon as we learn to not take offense to everything so easily as instructed in the word of God and to quickly forgive, let go, and move forward the better off we will be. 

So in this season of life, I’m carrying all of the learned lesson with an open mind, open heart, and despite of what it looks like, what it seems like, opinions, etc I am going to push on and walk on my truth, my calling, and love without failure because love never fails. 

Thought: I make it a point to give at least one stranger a compliment once a day because you never know how it may lift someone’s spirit and make their day 🙂.


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