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Back Together Again

Since I can remember, I have loved makeup. My friend Brittany gave me my first tube of pink lipstick in preschool but my mom was not having it. When she finally allowed me to wear a little makeup (eyeshadow and lip gloss) in the sixth grade, I wore it on a daily basis. My shades of choice were silver and black. Don’t judge me because I didn’t know any better. When I got to college, I dabbled in MAC for awhile because I had a good discount at my job and shortly after I married my husband and moved to Fayetteville, NC, I became a proud pink Cadillac chasing Mary Kay consultant. I was so excited and eager to learn. I did very well my first year in Mary Kay and had even formed a small team of my own, but when I became a mom a few months later, my focus changed and I did not have much room for makeup in my life. I just threw some on my face when I went to church or had a date night, but a few months ago that all changed.

I joined a Facebook group that catered to makeup for women of color and I fell in love all over again. I left Mary Kay because I realized that there are so many other brands out there with more quality products and varieties of color; however, there are some Mary Kay products that I still use and will continue to use because I have not found anything better. I watched ladies do their makeup on live video and quickly realized that I was trained very wrong by the Cadillac ladies….either that or things have changed a lot between then and now. I watch YouTube videos as well but I prefer the live videos because it’s done in real-time and you can ask questions and get clarity. I have even done a few live videos myself. I am not a Makeup Artist (MUA) nor to I inspire to be but I am a Makeup Enthusiast (MUE) and I just want to be great at applying my own makeup and helping others learn how to apply their own as well. I am learning and getting better with each swipe of my brush and I am looking forward to seeing much more improvement over the following months.

WHATS TO COME?…My favorite eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and lippies!

1 thought on “Back Together Again”

  1. My mom was the same…no makeup….but somehow I snuck it in – even a little lipstick made me feel good. Then when I went to work (age 17) I had a friend who taught me to apply makeup. I am not one who pours it on but a little liner, mascara does wonders…..and always a clean face…even now that I sell makeup products….less is better, for me at least and even my customers are not heavy users….

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