Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?

While sipping my coffee and scrolling through my timeline this morning, I realized that the hundreds of people I socialize with on almost a daily basis are not really my friends. If I deleted or deactivated my page right now, I honestly wouldn’t hear from them anymore. I guess that’s just how social media goes. We give likes for new babies, new relationships, vacation photos, family photos, wedding photos, meddlesome toddlers, military homecomings, and so much more, but if we come from behind the keyboard we will realize who really likes πŸ‘πŸΎ (or loves ❀️)” us in real life. Not your social media life but your real raw authentic life. I was lost in my phone so much so that I was missing out on the life right in front of me….my husband and my kids. Of course I cared for them, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gave them baths, and attention that I thought was enough, but they deserved so much more of me that I wasn’t giving them because I was buried in makeup tutorials or chatting it up with a “friend”.

What made me realize that social media friendships were just an illusion was when I deactivated my page to focus on the life in front of me for awhile. I only heard from two or three people if not one or two. It’s crazy how much social media is a part of our lives because I needed to ask someone a question about an event and I couldn’t because I didn’t have their number. I have come to rely on social media so much that I don’t bother to add people to my contact list on my iPhone because I can just messege them on messenger. I just moved to a new place and  I was wondering how I was going to meet people and make new friends without Facebook (Flashes back to how I mad friends in the 90’s….it’s a distant blur). I have become so dependent upon my social media “friends” that I am socially retarded (not really but it feels like it). When I am around people I’m on my phone. Normally when I move somewhere new, I find the army wife group for that location and go to meet ups and meet people from there but I can’t do that without a Facebook and truth of the matter is that is just the way things are now. A Facebook review of a restaurant or business is worth more than millions of dollars in advertisements. That’s just the more efficient way people communicate. Now I just have to find balance and not let it affect the life in front of me. 

I read a blog once by a mom and wife who talked about how everyone liked her family photo but they did not realize that it was just a photo and not an illusion of a perfect life. Behind the smiles in the photo, one could not see the argument on the way to the restaurant or the chaos it took to get the kids ready and in the car. I could relate to that so much because life isn’t as perfect as people try to make it seem nor do you want to hang your dirty laundry for everyone to see so I completely get where she was coming from. I reactivated my Facebook today but I’m definitely backing away from it so much…..because I am going to spend my time working on my reality of relationships, friendships, and dreams and not focus on the illusions placed before me on my iPhone…….

With that being said, there will be more blogs to come to include: my continued weight release journey, product reviews, business ventures, mom life, spiritual nourishment, and much more. πŸ™‚


1 thought on “Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?”

  1. Lindsey,
    This is a very good article! It clearly describes the present communications the happening now, verses what my age group is accustomed too!
    Keep on expressing yourself! I look forward to reading new articles!

    Liked by 1 person

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