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Untitled (In My Feelings)

This journey has been tough. I’ve cried. I’ve wanted to give up. The scale has not been my friend at all. I’ve lost no where near the weight I’ve wanted to lose in this amount of time and I know exactly why because my eating hasn’t always been what it needs to be. There is no disguising it or dressing it up. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. I’ve spent countless days and hours in the gym only to have minor progress when it comes to the dropping weight side. I’ve released lots of inches but I’m still way over 200 pounds and not very happy about it. To top it off, I’ve ate right all week and have put on 2 pounds. I know I know don’t listen to the scale it doesn’t define you. There are many other factors to weight release. I understand that but I just want to see 199 like yesterday. I just don’t know anymore at this point. 


1 thought on “Untitled (In My Feelings)”

  1. Hang in there! I started my weight loss journey last year and as soon as I lost half of my goal weight, I got lazy and stopped working towards it. Consistency really is key and don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see the results you want right away. A healthy body takes time. Healthy eating is definitely important! I want to start a new weight loss challenge soon with hopes to eat healthier and lose those remaining few pounds.


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