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If You Don’t Quit, You’ll Win

I have been on my fitness journey for a little over 5 months now and I am so very proud of myself. I cannot even remember a time when I’ve stayed on a fitness program or weight loss attempt for an entire month, and here I am 5 months in and counting. I have lost 20 pounds as well as several inches and even better, I’m stronger, I’m faster, and most importantly I’m NOT a quitter! I’ve even gained muscle! I can jog a mile and a half without stopping (and counting), which is great because I’ve never been more than a walker. I’m growing mentally and shrinking physically! I’m making better choices for myself and my family and I’m happier all around. I’m confronting the reasons why I’ve been overeating and binge eating all of these years and learning other ways to cope with stress and emotions. I am leaning on God to give me strength especially in those times when I feel like I can’t or don’t want to continue with this process. I can finally look into the mirror without turning away in disgust or just imagining that I look the same way I looked before the babies came or even high school and I can actually see my body changing. My waist is shrinking and my curves are reappearing. I am changing from the inside out and that my friends is the way to permanently make a lifestyle change. Lifestyle is so important to me because once I release the desired amount of weight, I will NOT be gaining it back. I am learning to deal with my emotions and stress in ways that do not include food and I am ready to add supplements to my routine to enhance my results. As always I will keep you guys updated! 


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