Who Encourages the Encourager?

Have you ever found yourself encouraging everyone around you and realized that you had no one to encourage you in those moments when you need encouragement? I mean a really really low moments when even mustard seed faith wasn’t available. Who encourages the encourager? Who gives a listening ear and can really understand when the one who is always standing on the word is at the point of breaking down and becoming a prisoner of their own mind? Who encourages the preacher with cancer who is always praying for your or a family member’s illness? Who encourages your friend who you dump all of your baggage on on an almost daily basis? Who encourages the one who encourages you?

I know what you are thinking. If that person is the one always encouraging shouldn’t they have enough faith, word, courage to carry themselves through? Maybe, but lets face it, we are all flesh and the flesh is weak. The enemy plots the perfect opportunity to come in and do what he was created to do, which is to steal, kill, and destroy, and when that happens, who is there to deliver a word of freedom? Who is there to plant a seed of love? Who is there to encourage?

Who is there to encourage when you know that you have peace that passes all understanding, but peace is nowhere to be found because all hell is breaking loose? It may even just be a brief moment of distraction? It only takes a second for a distraction to cause a tragic or horrific event like someone being distracted to check a text message or even look down to see who is calling while they are driving. Who is there to aid you and get you to the one who holds all things in his hands?

I’m asking this because often times, we may find ourselves always encouraging others but there is no one there encouraging us. Examine the people around you. Are they leeches who are sucking the life right out of you? What are they pouring into your life? Are they speaking life to you or are you just their dumping ground that they dump on when something is wrong. Don’t be a trash dump. Whatever you are hearing and seeing becomes a part of you. For example, if you watch a certain show on television, eventually you will adopt some of their mannerisms or “sayings” because what you put in eventually comes out. It’s just how the mind works. Who encourages you? If you don’t have a mentor get one. Even my mentor has a mentor. We must never stop learning and evolving because when we do we stop growing. Who are your idols? Who do you look up to? Who pushes you to be a better you? Who is helping you get to the next level? Who sharpens your iron? Who encourages the encourager?

-Lindsey R.

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