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Bae Waters

There are so many benefits of drinking water such as aiding weight loss, boosting metabolism, keeping skin healthy, more energy, staying regular, and so much more. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily is very effective while losing weight, but I know what some of you may be thinking, water is so boring.

The creators of Bae Waters have found a fun and entertaining way to drink your water. Bae by urban definition means baby, sweetie, boo, etc. Your water is your bae so you have to keep it close to you and spend quality time with your bae. Bae Waters is currently doing a 30 Day water challenge, which started on October 19th and ends on November 19th. You must drink a gallon of water a day, post your progress, your meals, your workouts, eat clean, and you’re allowed one cheat meal per week. For more information about the challenge and Bae Waters visit Bae Waters facebook page by clicking the link or visit them on Instagram @baewaters.

I am participating in the challenge myself and things have gotten off to a great start! I will blog about my progress and post pictures once the challenge is complete!

-Lindsey R.


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