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The Georgia National Fair

This past Saturday, my family (mother, siblings, kids, and nephew) and I went to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA. It was a little shy of a two hour drive for my mom and I and it was well worth the trip. There was so much to see and do and plenty of good southern food to eat. Mondays are free for military and their dependents but it worked out for us to go as a family on Saturday. My two year old son enjoyed riding age and height appropriate rides with my nephew. I was actually impressed at how many rides he was able to enjoy at his age and height, which was about four or five rides. Wristbands for rides are not available on busy days, but it is free to enter for children 10 and under. The highlight of my day was that a nice church had a free cool area for mothers to nurse and change their babies. I was actually wearing my 15lb baby girl so it was nice to take a breather in a comfortable cool place to nurse and change her. In addition to rides, games, and food, there are also live concerts, lots of venders with interesting items for sale, animals, artwork, and so much more. I highly recommend this event for all families with kids of all ages; however, I would suggest to budget a set amount and carry cash so that you don’t overspend. Overspending is very easy to do with all of the games for prizes, rides, and food, and yes moments like these with family is priceless but I like my money where I can see it….in my closet 😉 (Shhhh don’t tell my husband). B.O.B ladies and gentlement (Ball On a Budget).

-Lindsey R.

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