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In the Beginning

Well, I have been on my journey to a healthier me for about four weeks now. It has been full of challenges, joy, loneliness, and so much more. I have been working with a trainer and I am seeing progress. New challenges come every workout and I am getting stronger day by day. Most days I go to the gym ready to work and others I don’t want to be there but I just say my affirmations and continue moving forward anyway. At the end of the workout, I am proud that I completed it. Now lets talk about food. Food is the hard part for me. Every now and again I get a milkshake or something of that sort about twice a week. Once of week is considered a cheat meal but more than that is pushing it. I also have moments when I emotionally eat or am tempted to emotionally eat especially when I really really miss my husband, but instead of eating sweets, I reach for nuts or fruit and I go take a walk. Lastly, I would like to address the scale. To date, I have lost six pounds. Am I happy with my six pound weight loss? No, not really, but I am learning that the scale is not my friend. The scale cannot measure muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, and since I’m lifting, there is a really good chance that I am gaining muscle; therefore, I am going to start weighing myself less and taking measurements and pictures more. There will be more updates and photos as time goes along. Until next time…Agape

-Lindsey R.

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