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My Birth Story: Arie

I chose to share my daughter’s birth story ahead of her big brother’s because hers is the more pleasant one. Princess Arie (Lioness of God) was born five days before her due date in the cold snowy month of February. At my 39 week checkup, I found out that I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. The doctor then decided to strip my membranes to speed up the process. It was very uncomfortable but not necessarily painful. The night after I had my membranes stripped, I put my son to bed and checked my Facebook the last time for the night and found several of my friends impatiently waiting for Arie’s arrival. I remember posting a skeleton meme and telling them that they will continue waiting because she is not ready to grace us with her presence yet. I then took a shower and went to bed. About ten to fifteen minutes later, I was awoken by mild contractions. They weren’t too bad but they were definitely stronger than Braxton Hicks. I woke my husband up and he kept trying to convince me that this was a false alarm and the contractions would go away if I just went back to bed. I still cannot believe he wanted to sleep at a moment like that lol. I timed my contractions for thirty minutes and decided it was time to go to the hospital. My husband did not have his bag packed and it felt like it took him forever to pack his bag and get our son situated to go to a friend’s house. Finally two hours after my contractions started we arrived at the hospital, which was around 2:30am. I responded to my body by jumping up, leaning on my husband and swaying during contractions. I also sat and swayed when I felt it was necessary. My poor husband had worked all day so he just wanted to sleep but I called him for support as needed. He was a trooper at first until he tried to tuck me in under the covers during a contraction and I barked at him not to touch me. After laboring for a while and vomiting all over the bathroom floor, the OB decided to finally admit me. To my surprise, I could not get an epidural until having thirty minutes of IV fluid in my system and waiting for an hour of blood work to be done. Some time after 5:00am, I finally got my epidural and found out that I was 8cm dilated. I loved the fact that my husband was allowed to stay in the room with me during my epidural and I could lean on him for support. That definitely was not allowed at the hospital my son was born at, but I will get to his birth story later. I attempted to get some rest but that did not happen because I was continuously being checked and began to push shortly after the insertion of the epidural. After three sets of pushing, my beautiful baby girl arrived. That epidural was so great that I did not feel a thing! I love the fact that they immediately placed my daughter on my chest and did not remove her until I was ready and that everything was done bedside. My baby girl latched right away and she cried like crazy when I unlatched her to switch breast and she is still a fuss box when it comes to her food till this day. Do NOT mess with Princess Arie’s food! My baby was not rushed this time and she came on her own time and her birth experience was much more pleasant than the first. My son’s birth wasn’t horrible but it was not as smooth as my daughters birth that’s for sure. I encourage you to be patient and let your baby come when he or she is ready. They are worth the wait! 😉

-Lindsey R.

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