Health & Wellness, Inspiration, Weight Loss

Get Mad Get Fit

Often times when I am attempting to create new habits, I get discouraged because of past habits. I now realize that looking back is not helping because I can’t change anything that happened way back when and I am no longer that person anymore. I have evolved and I am evolving and I don’t have time to waste looking behind me. I’m mad at the emotional rollercoaster events in my life that have caused me to detour and emotionally eat. I’m mad at the money hungry companies who give us cheap unhealthy processed food choices and the educational systems that fail to properly educate us about food and the chemicals and hormones and hidden addicting sugars in these foods. I’m mad for being told to exercise because exercise alone is clearly not enough. I’m mad at the excuses. I’m mad at my past laziness and I could go on and on about what I’m mad about but I’m not because I’d rather take this moment to release my anger and to use it to get fit. No turning back. This time it’s a wrap. I’ll never be overweight another day in my life.

-Lindsey R.

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