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Mother of 2 Under 2: Lions, Tigers, & Bears…OH MY!

I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy children. My son is currently two years of age and my daughter is five months old. I had my daughter when my son was twenty months old and became a mom of two kids under the age of two. There was no fail of birth control and I was aware that breastfeeding was not a solid form of birth control. My husband and I were just really anxious to grow our family. On my son’s 1st birthday, he received a special gift, which was the news that he was going to become a big brother to a new baby brother or sister, which we found out a few months later would be a sister. My daughter is a very calm easy-going baby so the transition has not been too difficult, but like any other transition in life, it does come with its challenges. If my son isn’t taking off his poopy diaper and playing in the contents, he is on the baby’s back saying, “Go horsey! Getty up!”, but when he kisses his sister on the cheek and tells her how much he loves her, that is the heart melting moment that I dreamed of during my entire second pregnancy. Moms who have been on this journey before me tell me that when my kids are older I will be happy that I had them so close together because they will be close to each other and out-of-the-way. Little do they know, we want two more kids later down the line. The one thing I have learned thus far is to have patience. A lot can happen within the three to five seconds you take your eyes off of a toddler such as lipstick on the wall, or pen on the couch, or my personal favorite, experimentation of dog food; therefore, I am enjoying the ride and cherishing every moment, even the messy ones. Thank God for Legacy of Clean!

-Lindsey R.

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